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Top 10 Best Hidden Gems of India Adventure Tour Packages 2023

Top 10 Best Hidden Gems of India Adventure Tour Packages 2023

Posted On : Oct 13, 2023

Experience the best-kept secrets of India with Karo Trip's adventure tour packages for 2023. Unveil the untouched beauty of Ziro Valley and the spice gardens of Wayanad. 

Explore the tranquil Himalayas of Yusmarg and witness the breathtaking sunrise and sunset in Chaukori. Feel the thrill of Glacier Point in Himachal Pradesh and discover the architectural wonder of the Thirteen Arch Bridge in Kerala. From the serene Tada Falls in Andhra Pradesh to the historical charm of Adalaj Stepwell in Gujarat, each destination promises an extraordinary adventure. Join Karo Trip and uncover India's hidden gems on a budget.

Must Visit Hidden Gems in India

There are many places that are very popular and known for their famous spots. But on the other hand, many places are still undiscovered and untouched by the people. They are preserved by nature and have scenic beauty that can mesmerize any soul in this world. So let’s uncover those hidden gems for once and witness the natural beauty which lies there intact. Here is the list of the top 10 Hidden Gems Place in India.

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1. Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh 

Home  to the Apatani tribe,  Ziro   Valley  is a  picturesque  old town in Arunachal Pradesh. This place is an enthralling holiday destination that displays the pristine natural beauty one hopes to see. The valley is also quite famous for its pine hills and rice fields.